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Error message confusion - and my report

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Error message confusion - and my report

Has anyone encountered the following error message:

Cause: Unexpected second use of a unique name: bi3  (Reason : Report Cannot Be Read) :: java.io.IOException:
Error occurred during attempt to read a report from input stream.

Whatever the issue is the result is a report which fails to open ( and a lot of work that needs to be reconstructed).

We think an attempt to create an interaction between two data sources might have started the problem. ( I know VA does not like that - now) however it should not have resulted in a failure of the whole report, perhaps a failure of the interaction link or even a grey out of the options.

If there is anyway to clear this error short of loosing the work  - I would be forever grateful


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Re: Error message confusion - and my report

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I have seen this when importing objects from existing reports into my current report. It appears to be caught up in the XML of two objects both containing the same underlying name (bi3). Our administrators have gone into the report XML and made modifications there to resolve this, but I do not think it is a widely accepted or supported practice.

Do you have backups of the report?


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Re: Error message confusion - and my report

This error can occur for several different reasons. Some are explained in this SAS Note: 54676 - "Unexpected second use of a unique name" error might appear when you open a SAS® Visual Anal...

When it occurs, you should contact SAS Technical Support for assistance. Even without knowing the exact cause, SAS Technical Support can usually repair the report for you.

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