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Error: Opening SAS VA Objects

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Error: Opening SAS VA Objects

Hi All,


I am experiencing an error when opening a report, query or exploration is SAS VA. The error is just like this :


"The request could not be completed successfully due to a server error. Please contact your system administrator.

Server error. No services are available for : com.sas.svcs.auditclient.AuditRecorderInterface. Is a required process not started?"


I have called this to a SAS Tech Support and replied us to delete some log files in the WebServer directory. We manage to delete the log files and restart the server but still we cannot access. Does anyone knows what is the cause of this error and what can I do to avoid this in the future.





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Re: Error: Opening SAS VA Objects

Hello @Albert0,


what is your version of SAS VA? How many SASServerX_1 do you have deployed? Only SASServer1_1 or on 3, such as SASServer1_1, SASServer2_1 and SASServer12_1?


I would check if the WIP database is up and running, and I would do some general maintenance:

- stop all the services.

- clean logs and temporary files (contents of work and tem folders) on the web application servers

- re-clean the cache on the web server

- clean the logs on activemq and contents of the data folder.

- Start WIP

- purge the audit records on WIP. ( http://documentation.sas.com/?docsetId=bimtag&docsetTarget=n06skrc2rtwecsn14vi4qtfl54kx.htm&docsetVe... )

- Stop WIP

- restart all the services.

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Re: Error: Opening SAS VA Objects

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Our version was 7.1 and 3 deployed servers SAServer1_1, SASServer2_1 and SASServer12_1. Can I ask how do I find if the WIP Database is running or not? Also, I tried to.cleanup the logs but still facing the same error. Are there a proper way to clean this up like stop first the services do the cleanup etc?
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