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Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

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Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

Hi all,


New to the forums and VA so apologies if this is the incorrect place. I'm currently learning the ropes of crosstabs in VA (Version 7.3) to see whether it's an appropriate product for our company. Whenever I create a crosstab and assign variables to the rows and columns, I notice that there's an extra column on the right-hand side of the table, which serves no purpose other than to occupy unnecessary space. Is there any straightforward way of removing it?


I've tried resizing the table in 'precision' mode, which only appears to hide the column on the canvas in the Designer. The empty column is still there when the report is viewed in the Viewer. Resizing the table also appears to change the dimensions of the entire table, when I'm only interested in hiding this final column. It is more effective in hiding the superfluous empty rows at the bottom of the table, but ideally I'm after a 'resize to contents' option such that the width and height of the table will be determined by the number of rows and columns populated by the data.


All responses appreciated!

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Re: Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

Unfortunately, you cannot remove the empty columns, which are there to serve as a 'drop area' for additional data items while in design mode. We have had requests to remove the empty columns in viewer mode, since they are not needed there. I would suggest that you use the SASWare Ballot to enter this request as well. This will enable other users to vote on the idea.



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Re: Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

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Thanks for the response Madelyn. Seems like a strange oversight, but if there have been previous requests then I imagine it's unlikely that mine would make any difference.


Since my employer intends to produce mostly crosstabs I will inform them that VA may not be the most appropriate product available. Thanks again.

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Re: Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

Hello All,


You can not remove extra space in crosstab as well as List table. I am facing same problem in sas visual analytics.


I hope may be it will be available in future version 8.1

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Re: Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

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This is so frustrating. My end users think I'm lying when I tell them we cant remove that extra column. It's really embarrassing.

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Re: Empty rows/columns in crosstabs

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Show them this post which contains the answer from @Madelyn_SAS a SAS employee.

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