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Email from Visual Analytics?

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Email from Visual Analytics?

I would like to add an image on a VA report that when clicked opens up an email window.  The objective is to add an option where the user can post a question to the VA support team via a link from the dashboard.


There is a really nice option when you're editing a report to File/E-Mail, but we have turned off the menu for end users to gain a little real estate on the screen.  This method is nice in that it puts a screen print and a link to the current report in the email, but we do not have to have this exact functionality, we just want a quick way for the user to be able to get from the screen to an email so that they can post a question.  We'd want to be able to specify the recipient of the email (our monitored support email address) and hopefully specify the sender as the person that is logged into the report.


I've done emails from normal SAS processes (EG and Display Manager) so I'm familiar with that process.  Do we have to do a stored process and embed the email code in the stored process or is there a better way from VA to do this?




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