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ESRI Mapping and Visual Analytics

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ESRI Mapping and Visual Analytics

I am considering implementing ARCGIS server from ESRI with Visual Analytics. I like the visual analytics SAS provides but I also prefer the true GIS environment ESRI provides. My goal is to get these two platforms to work together...Does anyone have any experience they are willing to share about configuring ESRI maps with SAS VA? Does the functionality of ARCGIS translate to the VA environment? Pitfalls?


Thanks for your help.

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Re: ESRI Mapping and Visual Analytics

Hi I have same demand.....

Did you config successfully?


Many Thanks!


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Re: ESRI Mapping and Visual Analytics

Hi Roy -

The short answer is no...I'm still exploring the capabilities and haven't purchased an ESRI ARCGIS server yet.

My request is to find someone else who has successfully implemented the SAS VA/ESRI combination and find out if it works before moving forward with ARCGIS server. It appears from the VA documentation VA connects to the ESRI server environment by changing the config settings from openstreet map to ESRI. Before pursuing the purchase of ARCGIS server, I'm interested in learning if the functionality of ESRI works in VA or if the ESRI server just displays a map with no ability to interact with the data. I have a license for ARCGIS Online, but there is not any indication SAS VA connects to ARCGIS online. .

Any thoughts are much appreciated.
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Re: ESRI Mapping and Visual Analytics

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Hi , I have configed it sucessfully.

I  referenced public ArcGIS Online sample map services that do not require authentication.


Just Follow the step below:


STEP 1 On the Plug-ins tab in SAS Management Console, navigate to Application Management -->Configuration Manager --> SAS Application Infrastructure --> Visual Analytics 7.x. Right-click, and select Properties.


STEP 2 config your ERSI  URL  on the advanced tab ,and i used "http://services.arcgisonline.com/ArcGIS/rest/services" which is not require authentication. The URL should config in "va.SASGeomapEsriURL".




On the SAS Application Infrastructure node, update the advanced property sas.web.cdps.knownHosts to include the Esri URL.



Restart the web Application server. 


In the VA report designer/ explorer ,you can select the map service you want.





For more detailed configuration you can download the VA Administration Guide for your VA version.




Good luck!



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Re: ESRI Mapping and Visual Analytics

I didn't realize they had a "free" set of maps available.  I'll be curious to hear any thoughts, reviews, or limitations that you encounter.



Thanks for sharing Roy.

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