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Dual Line Graphs Scales

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Dual Line Graphs Scales

When I am trying to create a Dual Line Graph in SAS VA, by default the scales of the two different graphs are adjusted according to the individual line. So in the same graph the scale for one line is different from the other graph. This necessarily means that same height of the two lines does not mean same value.


I want to know if it is possible to set same scale for both the graphs in SAS VA. Thanks in Advance

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Re: Dual Line Graphs Scales

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Hi ggwp,


To my best knowledge it is not possible to synchronize Y-axes using a simple property in SAS VA 7


I thought of a workaround adding shared min and max values as extra vars in the data preparation. You can show these min/max values as extra lines in a newly created custom graph. Use background colours for these min/max lines to hide them.


Cheers, Frank



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