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Drill down interactions for hierarchy

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Drill down interactions for hierarchy

I have a report with several charts that use the same hierarchy for the category role. When users drill down on the category I need to have all charts updated to the same level.

While this works reasonably well in Explorer, I need to use Report Builder which doesn't have this function.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Drill down interactions for hierarchy

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Hi Jim,
I need to do a similar interaction for my cross tab/charts that use the same time hierarchy. How did you do it in Exploration? I have made an exploration with a cross tab and a bar chart. Both has the Time hierarchy as column/category, but drilling down from year to quarter in one visualisation doesn't change anything in the other. Can you explain please? I really need to implement a similar interaction to make the exploration user-friendly.
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Re: Drill down interactions for hierarchy

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Hi @JimLittle,


If you don't have to drill into crosstabs, this article may be helpful: Keep your SAS Visual Analytics charts in sync through shared roles


Otherwise I'd suggest you to take a look here, where I've used a technique to simulate navigation through a hierarchy via multiple dropdown controls to solve a different problem. All you would need to do is define interactions between the dropdown list and the other objects in your report.




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