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Drill down across multiple graphs

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Drill down across multiple graphs

Let me preface by saying I'm not sure if this is even possible in SAS VA. I have three seperate graphs on a report all of which utilize the same heirarchy. I would like it so that if you drill down in one of the graphs, the other two will drill down as well. This way you wouldn't have to click on all three graphs to get the desired visualization.


If there is no way to do this, another thought I had was to have a button bar or dropdown which would let you select the desired drill down level you wanted to see.


Anyone know a way to do either of these?

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Re: Drill down across multiple graphs

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Which object's you are using..?



have a look on this..




hope this will help... :-)



Thanks & Regards,

Teja Surapaneni

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Re: Drill down across multiple graphs

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Thanks for the quick reply!


Unfortunely I don't think that article will help with what I'm trying to do, although it is a good read and I will likely refference it in the future!



For this I have 3 different pie charts that show different metrics and a hierarchy over them that starts at state level and goes down to different product types. I'm hoping to have it so that if I drill down on one of the pie charts, the other two will drill down as well thus eliminating the need to click and drill down on each pie to see the product level for the different metrics.

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Re: Drill down across multiple graphs

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It can be achieved if you create a custom graph .


1)In custom graph first select multiple pie charts based on your requirement.

2)create one shared rule for category

3)apply that shared rule to all graphs which you selected.


If you use that custom graph in report...category will be same for all graphs and you can select different measure for each graph seperately.then you drill on one graph all graphs will drill.




In the above i createted one shared rule - Shared rule 1

and applied it to all piecharts in the place of category




Vivek R

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