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Downloading Reports on Mobile BI

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Downloading Reports on Mobile BI


I have the Mobile App and have it connected and have even subscribed to reports on it however the report becomes useless when I disconnect my VPN.

How do I download the report on the iPad so that I can interact with it while not on the network?

Thank you

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Re: Downloading Reports on Mobile BI

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Re: Downloading Reports on Mobile BI

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I have found the role in question which has the checkbox ticked for the purge of data.

I have also determined which users are members of this role.

I cannot untick the purge data checkbox from the role. (It is greyed out for me)

My question is should I change the user running the web server items (to one that isn't a member of the role) or should I see if an administrator user can untick the checkbox for the role?

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Re: Downloading Reports on Mobile BI

Hi Bill,

The purged data role has to be unchecked by administrator in order to use the report offline.

Also if you are unrestricted user, automatically the data will be purged once you close the report and offline report will not work.

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