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Distinct Count

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Distinct Count

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I want to calculate distinct count by group. When i tried to create aggregate measure and use distinct count, it returns an error as variable is character (see the variable 'code' below)


ID flag Code
1 0 B1
1 0 B1
1 0 B2
1 1 A1
1 1 A1
1 1 A1
2 0 D1
2 0 D1
2 1 C1
2 1 C1


I want to generate the following output in cross tab. For ID =1, it should return this output (i.e. distinct count of variable 'Code'.


flag Status
0 2
1 1


I would put ID in the drop down.

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Re: Distinct Count

Do you want a data step program?


You may presort the dataset by ID and flag. I used the grouped data by using NOTSORTED option in BY statement.


data want;
   do until(last.flag);
      set have;
      by id flag notsorted;
      if first.flag then do; pre_Code = Code; count = 1; end;
      else if pre_Code ^= Code then count + 1;
keep id flag count;


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