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Displaying chosen system variable

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Displaying chosen system variable

How can I display the chosen aggregation (y-axes) in a report graph?


For example :

If I choose for the y-axes the aggregation "Max" I want to display in the graph "Chosen aggregation : Max".


Many thanks in advance.




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Re: Displaying chosen system variable

Hi LeenVe,


It's not the most elegant way, but if you will not be changing the aggregation in the graph, you could rename the input you are using for the Y axis to include the words MAX in it.  For this example I simply created a duplicate value for what I wanted on the Y-Axis and added MAX at the end of the name.  If you remove the label for the Y axis, it will still be able to be seen when you click on the data point.


Hope this helps,



Y Axis (MAX).JPG
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