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Display rules in Crosstabs

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Display rules in Crosstabs

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Is it possible to apply display rules to only one categorical value instead for all value in a column.

For example, in the attached crosstab can I apply display rules to only FICO bucket ">=660" if Percent of column total is less than 70%?

Crosstab 1.png
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Re: Display rules in Crosstabs

Hi @akychong,


I've thought of a workaround that hopefully works for you. In the example below, we want to only highlight percentages > 7.8% where Produc Brand = Novelty. By default, a display rule defined on Frequency Percent would highlight cells in the Toy row as well.


Default behavior


Solution: create a flag that is 1 only if the logic above is true (Frequency Percent > 7.8% and Produc Brand = Novelty), otherwise it's 0, then use this flag to define the display rule.


Downside: the new flag column needs to be added to the crosstab so it can be used in the display rule.


The first thing we need to do is identify the rows for Novelty. We do that by creating a calculated item called Is Novelty:


Expression for Is Novelty


Next we are going to create the Flag as an aggregated measure:


Expression for Flag


Now we can add the Flag in the crosstab and define the display rule that looks like this (that's the only display rule needed - you can remove the one used initially):


Display rule.PNG


Final result


To minimize the side effect and make the Flag column less noticeable, you can rename it to . (a dot) and define a display rule for this column that makes the font color the same as the background color.




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