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Display rules for gauges

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Display rules for gauges

Currently I am using SAS VA 7.3

In my dashboard have Category as filter:-Model Group-(e.g.BMW X5,X3,Li)

And want to have target set for individual model on Gauge.

So when no model is selected or filetered want to have average target for all models.

And when particular model is selected Target for that model should be available.

How do i set targets for individual model,when there are 15 models having individual values as target in a category which acts as filter. 

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Re: Display rules for gauges

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There is a simple way to achieve it by making use of the same gauge for individual models as well as all the car models whem no selection is made.All you have to do is create a list of all the car models on one side and make it interact with the gauge on the other.This way you can have indiviual figures for each car as well the total figure when all of the 15 models are selected.



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