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Display Rules and Alerts

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Display Rules and Alerts

I am tracking sales of different states in India and User_State is a column. I want to know if it is possible to state a different display rule for every state. Sales targets are different for different states so I cannot make one report level display rule for all the states. Same question for alerts. If sales on a particular day fall below a certain level, the state head must receive an alert. As targets are different for every state, I cannot make one alert for all states.

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Re: Display Rules and Alerts

Hi Manish,

I don't think you can currently do that, unless you create multiple objects (one for each state using filters). Being individual objects, you are allowed to define independent display rules and alerts. The drawback is that you will need to manage multiple objects.

Another idea is to create a calculated column that normalizes the measures you are interested in and create a common rule/alert that applies to the normalized value. This second option is recommended, specially if you are using row level security: you could design one report and the proper state head would have his/her custom view for that report with only information about the assigned state, but still the rules would be the same for all state heads. I've created an example below where Target was set to 100% and Sales is showed as % of Sales over Target - defined as aggregated measure: ( ( Sum [_ByGroup_] ('Sale'n) - Sum [_ByGroup_] ('Sale Target'n) ) / Sum [_ByGroup_] ('Sale Target'n) ) + 1. Observe that you can still add the original Sales and Target values to the tooltip (in VA 6.4):


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Re: Display Rules and Alerts

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Thanks Renato for your reply. I will try out your suggested solution and will let you know!

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