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Differences between dates

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Differences between dates


How do I get the difference in numbers between two dates?

I have tried using "Difference fro previous period", but It does not work with days?

Please look at Excel spreadsheet column "C"



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Re: Differences between dates

If you just want straight no of days just use minus.
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Re: Differences between dates

SAS stores dates as counts of days (from a given starting point, which is 1960-01-01). The difference in days between two dates can therefore be calculated with a simple subtraction.

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Re: Differences between dates

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I am very new to SAS va, could you show how?
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Re: Differences between dates

I have not got it to work in 7.4 but in 8.2 it works by using relative period and set offset to -1 and using "Inherit".

It works with days, but if you have a gap between the days you will get a missing value.


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