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Deleting a VA Report from Management Console

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Deleting a VA Report from Management Console



OK, so I am trying to delete a report using Management console and I get an error message stating I cannot do this with reference to a log that I or our IT guys can't locate. I have a screenshot in the attached pdf.


Each of us has all the rights possible so we are scratching our heads as to why we cannot simply delete a report.





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Re: Deleting a VA Report from Management Console

You can try deleting the report from an installation of SAS Management Console on the midtier where Visual Analytics is deployed. If that is not possible, turning on SAS Management Console logging might provide more information. See this SAS note:



Are you seeing any of the symptoms listed in this SAS note:



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Re: Deleting a VA Report from Management Console

One possible reason for your error message is the SMC you are using doesn't have all of the necessary plug-ins for administering VA reports.


If you have access to the SAS VA metadata server, then you can try remotely logging onto it, start SMC on the server itself and try deleting a VA report - do you get the same error? If not, compare the plug-ins here with the SMC with the errors and I suspect you will see differences.


To fix this problem you need to update SMC by running the SAS Deployment Wizard from the SAS VA Software Depot.

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