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Default appearance, Reports

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Default appearance, Reports


I have been trying to set the defualt apperance globally for the Report Viewer to Classic but I dont seem to find that setting in SMC. Do anyone know where this setting can be changed? Also are there an overwrite option, so the setting will be chaged regardless of the users setting? 


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Re: Default appearance, Reports

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To apply a global setting for all viewers:


  1. In SAS Management Console, navigate to Configuration Manager > SAS Application Infrastructure >  Visual Analytics > Visual Analytics Viewer
  2. Open Properties
  3. Click on the Advanced tab
  4. Add the property vav.ui.mode
  5. Set the value to classic
  6. Restart the web application server where Visual Analytics is deployed, typically SASServer12_1


NOTE: The global setting will override the individual user preferences.

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Re: Default appearance, Reports

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Yes that worked. It kept the modern look on the users home page and changed it to clalssic look on the reports, perfect.

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