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Date & Week Numbers in SAS VA

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Date & Week Numbers in SAS VA


I have invoice list with dates. As the customer wants to see sales by week, I would like to consume the date in the form of Weeks with numbers. ex: week 1, week 2 week 3 with sales figures.

All I have is dates. I am able to manipulate my dates with all the options available like weekdays, quarter (q1, q2, q3, q4) etc. But I couldn't get weeks with number option.

Pls help with your suggestions. Thanks.



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Re: Date & Week Numbers in SAS VA

Hi Sat_Ir,

If you have a dataset with a date  (Invoice date) you can use the week number function   (VA 6.3)

Create a new Calculated Item and use the formula  week number(Invoice date).

Now you get the week number of the Invoice date.  Do not forget to switch the numeric field to a Category before you start using it.

Ones it is a category, you can use it as a label in graphs or tables.

Sure this will work.

Otherwise this is the mathematical function

week_nr= INT(1+int((date+(3-mod(weekday(date)+5,7))-intnx('year',date+(3-mod(weekday(date)+5,7)),0))/7));


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Re: Date & Week Numbers in SAS VA

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brilliant! thanks Wijers. will try to incorporate this expression.



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Re: Date & Week Numbers in SAS VA

Hi, my problem is somewhat similar as I would like to use WeekNum as a Date Measure for the Geo Bubble Map looping animation slider. WeekNum once converted to Category doesn't allow it to be used as an Animation variable. Any workaround?
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Re: Date & Week Numbers in SAS VA


Animation requires a date, time, or datetime variable.

Unfortunately, I don't think there is any way to create a date from week number in VA.

In theory such a thing could be possible if you provide the year and the week number, but VA does not offer a function to do this calculation.

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