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Date Slider

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Date Slider

Hi all,


We have created a date slider (range) in our Report but when we view it in Viewer, it shows only one Point.

However, if we drag it to the right side we are able to select the range.




PS: While saving the Report, we have selected the entire range. We have also tried increasing the height and the width of the slider.

This is created in Precision mode.



Karuna Tiwari





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Re: Date Slider

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Which version?

In 7.4 you can dynamically set the start and end to min/max of the value in the data.


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Re: Date Slider

Thanks for your reply Fredreike!!


I am using 7.4.


If I set min and max, then the values are not getting updated when the data is getting updated (suppose more data for recent dates is coming).


The strange thing here is I am able to see the range in the Development Server but when i m migrating it to the UAT server, the range is not visible.

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Re: Date Slider

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Have you ticked the set value to dynamic minimum and maximum check boxes as I explain here?


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