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DataLabels on Map Objects

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DataLabels on Map Objects

Hi Community,


I would like to display Datalables on SAS Report Designer Map Objects i.e. on

1. Geo Coordinate Map
2. Geo Bubble Map
3. Geo Region Map


Is there any way to customize them or any links so that i can achieve this.


Thank you


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Re: DataLabels on Map Objects

I'm not sure what you mean by data labels ... most of the information from the data visualization is imparted through the tool's interactivity. So the user can hover over the events to discover information or use the colors to let their eyes see the difference.


This tool is not meant to be a digital representation of a piece of paper - it's meant to allow exploration of the data. It should be more interesting to the user and allow them to consume the information in a new and exciting way.


Here's a link to a series of blog posts I wrote about this topic.





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Re: DataLabels on Map Objects

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Yeah correct. But what we need is without hovering user should b able to c the values. I’ll check the blogs after I reach home.
Kind regards
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