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Data visualization dos and don'ts

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Data visualization dos and don'ts

I came across this blog post by SAS' Steve Mellgren that's relevant for the community. It outlines some ground rules for data visualization, which may be especially helpful for those new to creating these types of reports. Which do or don't is most helpful for you? Do you have any to add?

Michelle, I see that you commented on it with a related resource: your and TriciaA's SAS Global Forum 2014 paper on building VA dashboards for SAS Administrators: http://support.sas.com/resources/papers/proceedings14/1247-2014.pdf. Good stuff.


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Re: Data visualization dos and don'ts

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Thanks for referencing our SAS Global Forum 2014 paper... I also presented a condense version of this at SAS Professionals Convention 2014 in June and there is a recording of the presentation at SAS Professionals TV

Even though our paper was focused on building a SAS Visual Analytics dashboard for SAS Administrators as elaborated in Lisa Horwitz's blog post, SAS Global Forum 2014: Spotlight on IT and SAS Administrators, we also spoke about the general concepts of dashboard design, layout etc. using SAS Visual Analytics. has a wealth of experience in dashboard and report design using SAS VA, BI and other technologies and she also shares her tips at her blog, http://bi-notes.com



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