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Data sources unavailable after service restart

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Data sources unavailable after service restart

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I restarted my WebAppServer service and for a while my SAS web app became unavailable but then it started to work. Except now that I want to open my reports, my data sources have become unavaialble. Is it again a matter of time before they come back or is there someting else I need to do?




They worked fine before the restart.

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Re: Data sources unavailable after service restart

If you are asking about LASR table then Whenever you restart the Server your data will be lost. If you want Auto load then you need to add your source data ( SAS table,CSV) in Auto load directory . It will update LASR table (Append/Replace) in particular frequency . if you don’t have proper access on Auto load directory then contact to your Admin.

You can found more details about Auto load on YouTube.





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