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Data Tips in SAS Visual Analytics

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Data Tips in SAS Visual Analytics

Hi! I've been using SAS VA, particularly Explorer and Designer, for a few months and am still confused by an issue I haven't seen addressed in the user manual or forums. (I believe my organization started with version 7.1, and now we're on 7.3.)


Can someone tell me what the rules are regarding data tips? I'm finding that I can only add them on certain types of visual and not others-- e.g., in Explorer you can have them on scatter plots but not bubble plots, whereas in Designer you can add them to both types. Moreover, sometimes I'm allowed to add categories AND measures as data tips-- other times it's just measures.


I'm not seeing any kind of rhyme or reason to these differences, and there have been several cases in which it would have been helpful to have that data tip capability. Can anyone give me some background?

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Re: Data Tips in SAS Visual Analytics

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Some graphs you are allowed to use categoty data tips some don't.  For example you can't use category data tips on geo maps.

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