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Data Tip Values for Brushed Sections of a Visulisation

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Data Tip Values for Brushed Sections of a Visulisation

Hi all, 


I have set up brush interactions within a report section between multiple visulisations. So if for example I select a location in one visulisation the other visulisations will display a brushed segment which corresponds with the location i have selected. Lets say one of my other visulisations is a bar chart concerned with profit, I will have a brushed segment of the bars in that chart with the profit that the location I selected is responsible for. 


When i hover over the brushed part of the bar, the profit for the entire bar is displayed rather than the brushed profit which is what I want. 


Does anyone know a way to achieve this functionality? 


Your help would be highly appreciated. 


Thanks & Regards


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Re: Data Tip Values for Brushed Sections of a Visulisation

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Hi Andy,


I noticed that there are no replies to your question. Just wanted to confirm that there isn't a way to make the data tip values reflect only the brushed segment of a bar, for instance. As you know, the filter interaction reduces the bar to only include values for the selection in the first visualization, so the data tip values for a filtered bar chart would display the value you are interested in. If you have enough screen real estate, perhaps you could consider two target bar charts, one with the brush interaction and the other with the filter interaction.



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