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Data Builder - Full Join Error

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Data Builder - Full Join Error

Hello experts,

I'm trying to do a full join between two tables. 


However I need to aggregate these tables before the join. What is the best way to do this?


When I specify the "group by" and "sum" columns in the "Column Editor" I'm getting the following error:


"ERROR: Sort execution failure."


89 /* Drop existing table */
90 %vdb_dt(LASRLIB.DM_ARPU_CBU);
91 data LASRLIB.DM_ARPU_CBU ( );
92 set TEMP_LASR_VIEW_3313 ( );
NOTE: The query requires remerging summary statistics back with the original data.
93 run;

ERROR: Sort execution failure.

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Re: Data Builder - Full Join Error

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I think the aggregation fails because of discrepancies between the select and the group by statements. Hence the "remerging" note and then the sort failure which could depend on lack of memory.
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