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Custom summarization/ Default list selection

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Custom summarization/ Default list selection

In visual analytics, table crosstab object has an option to sum the column total, but is it possible have additional customization to modify the summary line like in PROC REPORT computational override? Ie instead of sum of a column, I want to a different value like weighted average and instead of literal "Total" something like "National"?

Ie I have data related to all 50 USA states and I want the summary at bottom, and few columns have special formula and summary national numbers are not just sum of all the individual states.

Considering this is not possible in my 6.3 version, I am thinking to have a workaround to have separate  row for national and values readily calculated in the data itself before presenting it and to have a “list” control to display the national value,

but second question I have is that is it possible to have a default list selection in list control? 

Ie initially I had only states values and when I open the visualization, it will show the summary of all data without any filtration, due to above mentioned first problem I included a separate summarized row for national, now the total value will be double at the initial screen, but users can select national from list to get the correct value, so is it possible to have a default national selection in the first place when the visualization is displayed?

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Re: Custom summarization/ Default list selection

  1. I was able to achieve my goal using Aggregated Measures, unlike Calculated Data Items, it summaries the data based on the group value after aggregation. Ie in total column, it doesn't summarize the data from it's column data, but recalculates based on the formula using final grouped numbers of other columns in the formula. There may be limitations in Aggregated Measures, but few of those can be overcome by prior data preparation.
  2. it is possible to have default selections in list control, ie once we link (interaction)  list control with an object and save with a selection,  then we can reopen it with same selection which will serve as the default selection.

note: still using VA Ver 6.3

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Re: Custom summarization/ Default list selection

Thanks for updating the community with your resolution, Ninan!

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