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Custom HTML Page for SAS VA

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Custom HTML Page for SAS VA

Is there a way to use a custom HTML Page for the SAS VA load page?  I’m looking at options for creating a custom portal to Visual Analytics Reports.

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Re: Custom HTML Page for SAS VA

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Hello @DavidPhillips2,


You can always create a Link (in VA 7.x) or shortcut (in VA 8.x) in your Home/Hub.


If you want to publish static HTML content (html, js, css, images, etc), you can always drop them in Config/Lev1/Web/WebServer/htdocs and they will be accessible from your Web Server in VA.


An example, if you copy js/myjavascript.js into the htdocs folder, you can always access your js from an URL as: http://yourserver.com/js/myjavascript.js 


Another option, is that you can create a SAS Stored Process that will paint the HTML page, and, in a VA report, you can include this stored process.

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Re: Custom HTML Page for SAS VA

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A simple solution would be to create a VA front page (your portal) with a list of all the reports (use text and images with links to the reports to make this look nice) from a regular report. This first page can be customized using SAS Theme Designer to get the right "look and feel" (as well as all the reports). User can access this portal page directly, or from the hub (where the admin have created a portlet for this front page and published to all users).

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