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Crosstab with each row being a unique aggregation level

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Crosstab with each row being a unique aggregation level

Hi all, I'm fairly sure that what I want isn't inherently possible, but I'm trying to determine a work around.


I have row level transactional data that is updated multiple times per day. There is a certain set of information our administrators have specifically asked for, that are each aggregations at different levels.


The cross tab ideally would have the programs as headers, and thebn each row would be an aggregation level, such as:



                                            Program 1     |     Program 2     |     Program 3 

Total Outstanding Bal     |         

Num Orders                    |


Avg Order Bal                 |

Num Customers             |

Avg Bal per Customer    |



I can't for the life of me figure out how to use the row level data to achieve that. I've thought about producing a table in the backend that simply has 3 columns like this:


Program |              Detail             | Value


'pgm_x'   | 'Outstanding Balance' | XXXX


But that seems unnecessary. I've tried to use multiple cross tabs (one for each aggregation level), but since you can't hide the headers it looks pretty bad.


Does anyone have a suggestion to achieve this? I've tried searching but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for.

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Re: Crosstab with each row being a unique aggregation level

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Is it not possible to use a calculated object that get the value that you want as rows and then a calculated meassure with the actual value?


Can you post some sample data?




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