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Creating categories from multiple measures

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Creating categories from multiple measures

I've uploaded a data file to SAS VA and the only variable that was considered a category was "time". My dataset is the amount of energy being used by a building separated by resources and floor, and the readings are entered for every 15 minutes.

I would like the floors (basement, 1st, 2nd,3rd) and resources (Outlet, AV, lights, HVAC) to read as categories as well. Unfortunately they were all uploaded as measures since that's how my data file is set up. How do I get these to be categories?

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Re: Creating categories from multiple measures

I'm guessing your data must look similar to the following if none of the categories are being "seen" as character.


Time    Floor     Resources      Reading

01:00   00          022                 0.07

01:00   01          022                 0.008

01:00   02          345                 1.2



The floor is a number where 00=Basement, 01=First Floor, and so on.  The Resources must be similar. In this example, 022=outlet, 345=HVAC.



You can change a data item from a measure to a category. Selecting the data item, then select Category.  This will change the measures easily but you may find "022" and "345" are not really that helpful to your report.  You can use create a custom category to move the data items (based on value) into larger categories.  You may find that changing your source data is easier than using SAS VA for some of these tasks.


These questions are answered in the user documentation and also in the newly released Introduction to SAS Visual Analytics book.


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