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Creating a MEKKO chart is SAS VA or similar

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Creating a MEKKO chart is SAS VA or similar

Hi all,

I need to create a mekko chart in SAS VA 7.2.  Even thought I understand this specific chart does not exist in SAS VA selection is there a way I can import one or creating something close to it using the existing tools SAS va offers?

I will attach a sample.


I realy appreciate you time

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Re: Creating a MEKKO chart is SAS VA or similar

Hi abcde,


You're right, SAS Visual Analytics doesn't offer a MEKKO chart.  However, SAS Visual Analytics Graph Builder, which is part of SAS Visual Analytics, lets you create custom graph objects that can be used in reports.  It offers users a lot of different options for customizing graphs.  For more details, see Creating and Using Custom Graph Objects in the SAS Visual Analytics 7.2 User's Guide.


Hope this helps,


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Re: Creating a MEKKO chart is SAS VA or similar

In the custom graph builder you can create a barchart with a bar spacing of 0, to make the bars touch eachother. It offers a similar look, but lacks the data-driven column-width of the mekko charts. The custom graph builder is powerful, but it will be hard to create something that offers the same functionality.


I think the closest visualization is the treemap. It offers the same functionality as the mekko chart as far as the area of the squares/rectangles is concerned, but it also lacks the data-driven column-width. You can overcome this by creating a hierarchy to fill the treemap. This will offer you the high-level overview first (what would be the column widths in mekko), and allows you to drill down to more detail (the stacks inside the mekko columns). It's not as elegant as the mekko chart, but it offers similar insights through interaction.

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Re: Creating a MEKKO chart is SAS VA or similar

Thanks a lot

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