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Create a category on SAS VA

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Create a category on SAS VA



how can I create a personality category that separate in groups of days. One group refers to a crop of the year 2017-2018 and the other refers to the crop 2018-2019. This last group is occuring at this moment, so the last day of this group will be changing every day. So I want that SAS automatically make the necessaries changes in my report, but to do this, it is necessary to create a way to show to SAS how to do this.

My idea is to create a personality category that will change the last day daily automatically. But I'm until don't know how to do this. Anyone has some suggestion?


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Re: Create a category on SAS VA

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One way to do this would be to create a "relative day counter". For example, today is 0, yesterday is 1 and so on so these values don't change, only the dates they refer to do. You can then create categories based on the counter.

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