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Convert aggregated measure to time format

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Convert aggregated measure to time format



I have following website visitor data:

avgsessionduration (in seconds but in numeric format)


+ dimensions like 'campaign' and 'ad'


As the idea is to report avgerage sessions duration by 'campaign', I have created 'weighted average session duration' (as the avgsessionduration is already aggregated): 'sum of avgsessionduraton weighted values' / 'sum of sessions'


Now I have time weighted session duration in seconds, but it's a numeric value. How to convert this value to time format?


I know how to convert the original measure 'avgsessionduration' to time format by creating a new calculated item, but I can't figure out how to use the calculated item in the 'weighted average session duration' calculation. Nor I cannot convert calculation afterward to time format.

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Re: Convert aggregated measure to time format

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Hi There,

maybe this might help.

Create another calculated item being a time variable and use the following function.

10-11-2017 20-52-31.png

Now just calculate the Hour/Minutes/Seconds form the previous calculated seconds variable.


greetings and good luck


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