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Control Objects and multiple Basic Filters

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Control Objects and multiple Basic Filters


I have 2 Control on a report that I use to help filter data that a user only want to see.  The first filter is a range slider and is based on Sales data, the 2nd filter is also a range slider and it is based on Unit Sold.  Does anyone know if the report is performing an AND or an OR condition on the 2 filters if I set Sales = $500-$1,000 and Unit Sold = 50-100.

If James's is $501 and 60 unit, Mary is $600 and 48 unit, and Joe is $620 and 60 unit.

If AND then Mary is not selected only James and Joe.

If OR then James, Mary, and Joe will be selected.

For some reason I'm getting the OR scenario.  Is this how it's supposed to work or is this a bug?



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Re: Control Objects and multiple Basic Filters

The filters should use AND.

What type of data is used in each control? I'm specifically asking if both use detail data, both use post-aggregate data, or if one is detail and one is post-aggregate.

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Re: Control Objects and multiple Basic Filters

Is one range slider interacting with another range slider or are both range sliders set to interact with your table?


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