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Connection between Cloudera Hadoop and SAS

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Connection between Cloudera Hadoop and SAS

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I want to test the integration between SAS and Hadoop with Cloudera Distribution. From what I've seen, Hadoop is responsible for storage the large amount of data and we use SAS to explore data and create some visualizations with SAS Visual Analytics. 

Basically the normal process is:

Data -> Hadoop -> SAS 

I'm thinkink correctly? Or exists some step between Data and Hadoop with SAS?


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Re: Connection between Cloudera Hadoop and SAS

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You may want to take a look at this page: https://support.sas.com/resources/thirdpartysupport/v94/hadoop/index.html


I would start with these videos (they do not specifically cover Visual Analytics, but do cover SAS' interactions with Hadoop):

Getting Started with SAS and Hadoop


SAS Integration with Hadoop: Part II


This document may be useful to you, too: SAS and Hadoop Technology Overview.

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