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Color gradient for Visual Analytics 8.2 heat map

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Color gradient for Visual Analytics 8.2 heat map


Hi all


I have been working with correlation matrices off and on, without thinking about this aspect too much ( one indication that perhaps it is not very important), but I noticed the following ,and wondered if there is a way to change it ?


- The gradient options provide for a starting color and an ending color (I would assume it is from lowest to highest like we generally perceive measures)


- However, the actual gradient is shown based on strength - weak to strong - therefore for -0.95 (strong negative) and 0.95 (strong positive), the same green color is depicted


- While I still find it useful (it helps in basic inference of variable relationships ), wouldnt there be value in changing this to a three color gradient - something like red - white - green, so that 

         * anything close to 0 (weak or almost no correlation) is white 

         * large positive correlation values are higher on the green scale

          * large negative values are higher on the red scale




Perhaps convention dictates the current gradient, but I thought I will put this as a suggestion anyways. I understand there will be some internal feature request mechanism at SAS so perhaps this has been dealt with already.






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Re: Color gradient for Visual Analytics 8.2 heat map

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Try using ‘rules’. Didn’t try it myself but in the TreeMap object, I could over ruled that gradient, using ‘rules’. Pls let me know if it worked

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Re: Color gradient for Visual Analytics 8.2 heat map

Thank you very much ! (and sorry for a late reply, it has been a while since I logged in last) - unfortunately display rules are disabled for a correlation matrix - I guess it is because of the gradient measure out there - I was wondering whether to try out a custom chart (and then import that custom chart) or either an external chart object - but haven't got around to doing the same. Also - the correlation matrix calculates coefficients on the fly so I wanted to avoid the data prep beforehand..... Thanks again !



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