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Color Map for Consistency after filter or drill downs

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Color Map for Consistency after filter or drill downs

Hello, I have a category with about 100 values; I noticed that if I filter or drill down to it - depending on what the prior selection is chosen ( say drill down/or filter from Year to Quarter ), and get to the detail values, in a bar chart that is stacked, the colors are not consistent. For example blue might show in different values depending on filter/drill down path. I see I can do color mapped: but is there a more faster way than mapping 'each' value to a color? Thanks for any help
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Re: Color Map for Consistency after filter or drill downs



I think that the 100 values is going to be an issue no matter what.


For a smaller number of values (up to 32) you can create the chart in the Explorer and automatically assign persistent colors for each category value. The color assignments seem to persist when you export the exploration to a report.


In the Explorer, you set the color assignments by right-clicking a category in the Data panel and then selecting "Colors..."


A window appears that enables you to assign the colors for each value, but you can just click Assign remaining to persist the default assignments for all of the values.


I'm not sure if that is very helpful for you, but I thought I would share it. It may be that there is a way to do this directly within Designer (aside from individually setting display rules for each value) but I don't know it.

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