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Cascading prompts

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Cascading prompts

Hi All,


I have three dropdowns for Year, Quarter and Month in a Report.

I have created a cascaded prompt from Year to Quarter to Month such that when I select an year , corresponding quarter is filtered and when i select the Quarter , corresponding months are filtered.


Now I have the below 2 requirements:

1. First I select an year , then quarter and then month. Now if I clear the year , quarter and month dropdowns should also be cleared.

2. If I have not selected year or quarter, i should not be able to select month also.


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Cascading prompts

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I think the easiest would be if tou create a separate data table with the time dimension and add one row for non selections.


Year    quarter  month

None   None    None

2017   q1         jan

2017   q1         feb

2017   q1         mar

....       ....         .....


Then you either link the drop downs to your ordinary data or create a filter using parameters.


IN the drop boxes you select mandatory and then sort them so that the non selection comes first Smiley Happy


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