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Can't delete "Va_Sample..." tables from LASR Tables

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Can't delete "Va_Sample..." tables from LASR Tables

I'm trying to delete the various "Va_Sample..." tables from the LASR tables tab. They are all unloaded but when I attempt to delete I am denied: result=  Not Processed (not authorized). I have the "SAS Administrators" role but there appears to be something I'm missing here

(plus I'm new to VA and don't want to kill it inadvertently...)



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Re: Can't delete "Va_Sample..." tables from LASR Tables

Hello @Tommp,


with SAS Management Console, you can check the permissions of your account. Not always SAS Administrators members have all the authorisations (it depends on the Default ACT and several other variables).


You can always go to the metadata path of those tables and check the Authorisations, and adapt them to your purposes (I recommend to change permissions at the folder/container level, rather than at the object level, but the second would be OK as well in this case since the objects will be removed by you..



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Re: Can't delete "Va_Sample..." tables from LASR Tables



In order to delete a table from metadata, you need to have the following permissions:


  • ReadMetadata (RM), WriteMetadata (WM) on a library object
  • ReadMetadata (RM), WriteMemberMetadata (WMM) on a folder associated with that library
  • ReadMetadata (RM), WriteMetadata (WM) on a table itself

Please see more details here: Permissions by Task

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