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Can Visual Analytics components be customized?

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Can Visual Analytics components be customized?

Need help with these three concerns. Any suggestions, or comments?
1. SAS VA report needs to be refreshed, so instead of refresh icon, can it be changed to refresh button? 
2. Missing data shows a red triangle at the bottom - how do we change that to display " Error msg :......."
3. Object Control- with a date field (example-two dates) result comes to with min date and max date. - how we change the order/hierarchy ?
Girish Patel
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Re: Can Visual Analytics components be customized?


Hello Girish,



I had the same questions and in contact with SAS an other forums I got some answers, I don't know if they have changed things since them, but...

1- You can change/customize some aspects on your SAS theme through the SAS Theme Designer. If you don't have this module available you should ask the system Admin to assign this role to you.

2- You cannot change/hide the warning icon 


3- You can set the date to a static value in your the Report Designer on 7.3. On VA 7.4 you can set a dynamic value to the date slider.



I hope it helps... 


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