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Bypass derrived interaction

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Bypass derrived interaction



Currently we are working on a new way to show KPI's.

We have our KPI's shown in a crosstable, over multiple periods.


Next to the table is a similar table that does not use the KPI on row-level, but the district.

Now when I click on the KPI, the district filters to show the KPI information per district.


The issue I am having is that the district part is not only filtered by the KPI from the crosstable, but by year aswell.

This means I cannot compare a districts result from one period with another period.


I have tried to place a dropdown in between, and have the KPI filter the dropdown and have the dropdown control the district table. However, still the year is passed on due to derrived interaction.


Is there anyway around this? Can we control which filters will apply? Is there a way that we can pass on a row-based filter from a crosstable instead of a cell-based filter?



Roy Walter

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