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Bulk export to pdf - multiple reports by department

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Bulk export to pdf - multiple reports by department

Hi all,


We are new to VA and are looking at migrating a reporting tool from a legacy system as our first test of the system. One of the requirements is for users to create PDF output so that reports can be printed and taken to meetings or taken home for analysis.


The reports in question cover module performance by students, the reports will be at module level and each have a number of graphs/analysis, there can be up to 300 modules per department and these will be subject to regular change,  Is it possible to "paginate" VA reports so that all reports for a single department can be put into a single PDF?


Any advice on how to approach this would be appreciated, I'm concious this may be slightly against the spirt of VA but its important for us to impliment a solution that combines interactive self service with the ability to also bulk export to cater for users/situations where manually selecting a module through a reporting tool is not practical.


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Re: Bulk export to pdf - multiple reports by department

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Yes, VA was NOT designed this way.

Print to PDF, E-Mail link to VA report (which can include a PDF attachment), and Disribute Reports feature all work off the currently opened individual VA report.

So in order to create 1 single PDF that includes all "reports" for a single department, each "report" for that department would need to be in its own page/section within the VA report itself.

Granted, that could cause the VA report to be un-necessarily large.


If you are interested in having SAS Visual Analytics offer some kind of "bulk export" feature, please submit it to SAS Tech Support so they can officially log it for consideration for a future product release.



Ted Stolarczyk, SAS Customer Loyalty team


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