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Building SAS VA Reports for iPad

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Building SAS VA Reports for iPad

Hello SAS VA Experts,

We need to build reports that will be used on iPads by the end users.

To be able to do that, we seek help on some specific questions, and along with that any probable references on how to build the SAS VA mobile reports on laptops will help.


We have a requirement that expects us to have 3 buttons on one Section. On click of one button, a bar chart should open up just below the 3 buttons. On the click of second button, a line chart showing different measures/dimensions than the one in bar chart, should replace the bar chart...and similarly for other button we have different view to be shown.


If I create all these 3 different views as 3 different sections, will I be able to restrain the end user on one view, and give him an experience that with click on a button, he is not actually navigating to a new Section? And at the same time, I want to make sure that the user do not really see these as 3 different sections, rather as just one main section, that gets updated within the section based on click of a button. Is it possible to handle this requirement by creating 3 sections or is there any other better way/configuration that I do to handle this?


We have split our section into 4 quadrants. Three of the quadrants are fixed, but in one quadrant, we have  to provide users a functionality that on finger swipe on that quadrant on iPad screen, they should be able to toggle between a line chart and the underlying table.


How do we go about building this kind of a view. I do not want to end up creating a separate Section for each such type of view I create, because the other three sections will always remain static. And if I create a new section to show the underlying table, then the users would get a feel that they are actually moving onto a different Section, which I dont want.

Any insights on the basics/best practices to keep in mind while building for mobile reports will help.

Even if you can refer me to some specific documentation, it may help. (I already have gone through the SAS VA User Guide, but could not find any specifics around the above points there.)


1. We have expertise in SAS Web Report Studio, but limited SAS VA experience

2. We do not have experience in mobile reporting

3. We do not have iPad in hand right now to test what we build

Really appreciate an urgent response since we have to deliver too many reports in very few days. Smiley Sad

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Re: Building SAS VA Reports for iPad

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Using SAS VA,  it is a simple one step process of building the report using the web designing interface and the reports are seamlessly rendered on the tablets using adaptive rendering strategy. 

For your Requirement#2,  you can accomplish this using any of the “Containers” available.  SAS VA offers Horizontal, Vertical & Stack containers.

You can use the Horizontal container, as the object in the 4th quadrant.   In this Horizontal container,  you can add different objects you like. Ex:  line chart, list table, bar chart  etc…

Once this report is rendered on iPad,  user can swipe in the container to view the different objects like line chart, list table or bar chart. 

The Horizontal container allows horizontal smooth scrolling,   vertical container allows vertical scrolling and stack container allows swiping of objects in the container.

The link to Containers Objects document can be found here:


I am looking into a good way of addressing your first requirement.  I see your need. 


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