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Both Ways interaction

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Both Ways interaction

  I have 2 filters.  One is name
and the other is contract.  When I choose a name then it shows me the
contract that belongs to that name.  Now when I choose contract I see all
names in the table not the name that corresponds to that specific contract.
is there a way to create a 2 ways interaction?

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Re: Both Ways interaction


In present versions both way Interactions are not possible.

If you want, there are alternative ways to achieve this.

Thanks & Regards,

Teja Surapaneni.

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Re: Both Ways interaction

What is an alternate way to do this?  I'm working with two pie charts and would like the interaction to exist between the two.  Right now if I do an interaction from pie chart 1 to pie chart 2, it works great.  However, I want to also have an interaction from pie chart 2 to pie chart 1.  I'm in version 7.3, looking for suggestions on how to accomplish this.

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Re: Both Ways interaction

Can you please explain your question in details. are you trying to use interaction between 2 reports ?

or between controls and reports ?

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