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Bilingual Report

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Bilingual Report

I have a LASR table containing multi-lingual data (English and French) and would like to build a report that dynamically switches between French and English.

Ideally, I would like to have a "custom" language prompt that drives which column to use (French or English).

Can this be done in Visual Analytics? Or this even the best way to achieve this functionality?

I have seen the locale setting in the SAS VA preferences. Perhaps I should be using this setting but am unsure how to reference this setting from within the report designer.

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Re: Bilingual Report

Hi Sanjeev,

If the version of VA you are using has the stacked container you can use that to toggle between French and English. You can then use a prompt or they can switch the stack container to get the language they desire.



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Re: Bilingual Report

Posted in reply to justin_sas

Hi Justin,

I was hoping to solve this issue without creating a duplicate copy of the report...

In other reporting tools, I've done the following:

1) Create a custom prompt based on 2 (hard coded) values: English and French

2) Then using an expression, dynamically control which column to use. ie. if (parameter.Language = 'English')  Then Month_EN Else Month_FR

Can VA do something like this?


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Re: Bilingual Report


I am facing the same issue with multi-language reports in Visual Analytics.

I want to show the reports based on a language filter or a selection of a prompt by the user.

Have you found a solution for this particular point?

Kind regards,


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Re: Bilingual Report

I'm curious if/how this was resolved as I am needing the same thing?  I'm in version 7.3

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Re: Bilingual Report

Hello Sanjeev,


Just to confirm if you have one variable called language with the value of Two diff language in to your entaire dataset then please try with the global filter with drop down list which has selection of language so that the below entier report will be filterd with selected language data values..


Pls tell me if no need more clearity on it..........




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