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Best way to follow percent over time

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Best way to follow percent over time

Is the costumers moving to Internet/Catalog?

If I look at the numbers in this report based on Orion Star we will see that

In 02.2007 there was sold 720 items

in 01.2012 there was sold 1674 items  


But what I really want to show is that

in 02.2007 it was 8 %

in 01.2012 it has dropped to 7 %

How do I show that in the best way?

We are running 6.3 but expect to jump to 7.1 when available.

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Re: Best way to follow percent over time


Have you looked into using the waterfall chart to show this differential of percentages for the given time frame? The waterfall can show different colors based on positive or negative growth differentials.

I tried to open the link you provided but received the following error:

The following data source errors have been found:

ORION_STAR_SCHEMA_NOFORMAT: The data source contains no data items or is not available in memory.  To restore the data source, contact your system administrator.


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Re: Best way to follow percent over time

I have tried the waterfall chart.

But I have not been able to calculate the percent, so it will only be en actual sales numbers.

The link should be working again.

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