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Best Practice for creating look-ups

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Best Practice for creating look-ups

Good morning!

I have a master dataset (30+ million records) that updates every quarter. I also have a look-up table with about 900 records in it that updates every 2 weeks. I would like to know from others the best way to create a look-up between the values in both datasets without having to re-load the master dataset. I have reviewed the process for using a join, create view and formats. Any expert and practical advice is much appreciated!


I am currently using SAS VA version 7.3.



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Re: Best Practice for creating look-ups

Reload a table of that size every two weeks doesn't sound like an issue ix you don't have extreme 24/7 requirements.
Formats saves memory but there have been some quality issues with then in the product. Not sure if all those are fixed in 7.3.
What do you mean by a view? A star schema? That could work fine if the usual query results in small subsets.
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