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Bar Chart sorting by Group

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Bar Chart sorting by Group

Hi All,


I just want to ask if there are anyways to sort a stacked bar chart with by its measure? I have a bar chart below and I want to sort it by its value from 597,276,241,235,101,39 and 35 respectively.


I tried breaking the groups by creating 4 measure that each represent 1 stack but I can only sort 1 stack or measure at a time without sorting the whole bar.





Thank you!


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Re: Bar Chart sorting by Group

I don't think you can do that.

I have done something similiar by creating a custom graph with two graphs using the samt x-axis and on the first assign my bar chart and on the second the total on which I am doing the sort.


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Re: Bar Chart sorting by Group


i dont know if can i add any thing to fredik post


i just do the same and it work.


i add that U can change trasparency or bar color (for the first total bar chart) to the background color, so U sort data on an invisible bar chart but that sort impact on the second stacked bar chart




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Re: Bar Chart sorting by Group

I'm wondering if the enhanced display rules in VA 8.2 might help here. Up to VA 7.4 display rules only work for measures, but appear to work for categories in 8.2.

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