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Bar Chart categories with no data

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Bar Chart categories with no data

In VA, my bar chart only displays categories that have data. Is there a way to show all categories, even if they do not have any data?

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Re: Bar Chart categories with no data

Hi Ingrid,

I can not find a way to do this in SAS VA itself.

Please consider creating zero records for all occurrences in your database.

Several times I had to solve this issue just by adding 0 value records for all selectable instances that had no value.

greetings and good luck,  Peter

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Re: Bar Chart categories with no data

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If you're creating a chart over time then you may want to consider using a Time Series Bar Chart and the tips that @TriciaAanderud suggests at http://bi-notes.com/2015/12/sas-va-insert-your-own-months/


Alternatively you can create a "helper table" as in the blog post to create 0 records which @PeterWijers suggested.




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