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Average on top of count

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Average on top of count

Dear Experts,

Could you please advice me on how to create a Average on top of count of a field.

To be specific, I have a category named "ID" (character datatype) and i need to calculate the average of the count of ID for a group called "Dept"

Thanks in advance


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Re: Average on top of count

I understand count:

select dept, count(distinct ID) as cnt

     from have

     group by dept


But average, of what...? Perhaps some sample input and desired output?

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Re: Average on top of count

Thanks for the reply Linus,

Firstly, I dont have access to Data Preparation. Hence, I need to complete my requirement at the VA Report itself.

The Actual Requirement is: I want to set the Target as "Average of the bar value" in the "Targeted Bar Chart". The bar shows the Count of ID as Measure. and the group is "Dept" column.

Could you please suggest me on how to set the target with the "Average" . Thanks

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