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Automate saving reports as pdf

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Automate saving reports as pdf

 I need to somehow automate a process that will save a SAS VA report as a pdf on the server. Any ideas how to do this?

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Re: Automate saving reports as pdf

Have you looked at the Distributing Reports functionality within SAS Visual Analytics? You could schedule a job to run to a system email address and then have a process to save the attachment or perhaps the .pdf file for the VA job is created somewhere on the server which you can configure. Have a look at the VA administration guide to see if there is a setting for the .pdf file location.


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Re: Automate saving reports as pdf

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Hi everyone,


We saw the capability of VA to distribute reports and understood that it can automatically convert reports to PDF and send it through email. However, is it possible that instead of sending out an email, be able to save the PDF to a certain location? Our client is trying to have a dumping area where monthly PDF reports will be stored.


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Re: Automate saving reports as pdf

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You cannot save the PDFs to a file system location. You might want to enter this as a Sasware Ballot idea



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